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Hijinks in the Mouse House
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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Excuse me? Do you work here?

For some reason, people asked this question all the time. You could be standing at the turnstile dressed in a purple shirt with flowing sleeves, a vest, short pants, striped socks, a stocking cap, buckles on your shoes and a name tag and people would still ask....the things guests would say...that's a whole other section of the website though :).
You want the nitty-gritty. You didn't come here for my wit or biting sarcasm. You want me to get on with it, poop or get off the pot. It ain't getting any greener you may say!! Allright then, let's....
  • Yes virginia, we can see you in the cameras. I could fill pages with the things I have seen on those cameras, suffice to say that I have seen every position and every sexual preference on that ride.
  • When people came back we would generally all gather and do one of the following:
  • clap
  • hand out  paper towels
  • ask them if they wanted to go again (well, we can be pervs too can't we?)
  • There are a bazillion routes through that ride for cast members, during training we got to sneak around and hide behind stuff as boats went by, it's a whole other perspective.
  • The auctioneer is a special kind of audio-animatronic. He's basically the most "advanced" model, but very expensive to make and maintain. He was shown to us on a tour that they used to give cast members at the WD Studios and Imagineering. He can actually crack that whip he holds, thats's how fluid they can make his movements. The only other AA character that was in use at his level of sophistication was the Wicked Witch at the MGM ride in WDW
  • This is one of the few rides out there that require you to think when loading a boat, if you make it front heavy, the boat is going to dip underwater after the drop and flood the boat, make it back heavy and the boat will jump the rail at the end of the drop.
  • We had waders that we could use when a boat got stuck or we had to evacuate. Pretty fun stuff to walk around in before the ride opens too :)
  • Certain individuals have been known to confiscated umm- illegal items--from grad night boats full of teens, I'm sure these said items were properly consumed, errr disposed of.
  • I once had the pleasure of working this ride on a day that The King of Pop came to the park. We had to shut down the ride, let him go through it completely and then when he was gone, we were able to open the ride again. Only for him would this be done, sheesh. He was wearing his mask and had some kids in tow, which was funny because this was about the time all those child molestation charges were going around.

I can't think of anything else right now, this was an ok ride to work, nothing special, the fun part was walking around before/after park hours and examining all the effects and whatnot first hand and up close. I have a picture somewhere of me in the jail scene with all the other prisoners and in the well where the dude is being dunked. I may post these, I would have to blue dot my face though since this is an anonymous website (rolls eyes)



Dead men tell no tales.......but aren't you glad I do?