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Hijinks in the Mouse House
Tip-a-canoe | Big Brother | Orgasmic | Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum | The Paddlewheeler | Bungles in the Jungle | Hey, Nice Pirate Ship | This Here's the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness | Pineapple, Birds and Satues, oh my!


This Here's the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness


Big Thunder Mountain

(where the men are men, and the sheep are scared)

BTM didnt allow for a lot of spieling, a couple things come to mind, most of the fun here was in guest interaction (brief as it was) and after hours stuff.



(In pleasant voice) Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please(in stern voice) If you climb on the rocks, you will fall, and you will die.(in pleasant voice) Thank you.


rocks have been around since the creation of our planet, we here at Big Thunder Mountain are men of the earth. We ask that you please do not climb on the rocks or upset them in any way. Remember: Rocks are people too!



The Japanese Schoolgirl Horse Reigns

The Japanese went through this faze were all the schoolgirls wore pigtailshmmm come to think about it they still do. Anyways, you would stand near a pigtailed Japanese girl and as he train started pulling away, hop on the running board, grab a pigtail in each hand and go hiyyyaaah!!! Giddyap!  Like they were horse reigns.


--The see how many rows deep you can stack game

on a really busy day, with both tracks running a train dispatches every 15 seconds per side. There are 15 rows, so we would fill up all the rows once, then start filling them in again before the train came, if you were really fast and good at it, you could fill every row twice and the last 3 rows, once more for total of 33 rows filled in 15 seconds. Good stuff


---the see how many kids you can squeeze onto a train game


if we say a group of schoolkids (7-9 years old) coming through the line, we would play this game. You are allowed to put 2 adults, 2 adults one child, 2 children one adult  or up to 4 children per row. The kids had to be nice and skinny for it to work. 4 people times 15 rows was a train full of 60 kids, mmMMmm yummy! Most of the time the kids would be squeezed in there so tight but they didnt care!


After Hours


Riding the train after work when all the guests have gone home, we called it the bonus round. Various methods of riding the train, all perfectly dangerous were used.


--Hang it

lean with your butt hanging out the side, the further out you can hang the better. Watch out for rocks (A friend once clipped his butt on a rock, after we all got off the ride, his pants were cut and a big scratch was on his wallet, would have needed stitches for sure




you need a car to yourself for this one, start by sitting in the middle of the car (each car has 3 rows) then lay down with your arms holding the handlebars for the front row and feet tucked into the head rest on the back row. Very scary, not for weak of heart or short people. God we were idiots.


---walking the track

Lost and found guy got to walk the track, usually someone would walk it with you but sometimes you just had to go alone, very spooky especially when us jackasses would hide out and scare the bejeezus out of the rookies. There was one guy who would try and pee on your head as you walked underneath an overcrossing when I was a rookie L


---Items found on tracks

hats, glasses, money, candy, scarves, keys, phones, a wig, condoms, feminine hygiene products, wallets, purses, cameras, glow sticksand one time.a romanian man who had climbed the fence looking for his hat, he got smacked by the train on the bridge right before you head down into the Dino pool, his blood dripped onto trains running underneath the bridge which is how we found out he was out there at all.