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Hijinks in the Mouse House
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Excuse me? Where can I find the Fantasia Ride?

First off, Guest Control shifts for this show sucked big fat floppy donkey ding dongs. Sorry for the language but that's the truth. There were people who were hired into attractions that only knew one thing, Fantasmic Guest Control, I am sure they made the best of it and had fun, but it was low man on the totem pole job for sure. This page is about the boat drivers and what goes on on the island before, during and after the shows.
  • Since it's a union thing, the entertainment CM's were unable to take our shifts so we had to drive the Columbia and also man the wheelhouse on the Mark Twain. Take a look next time you see the show, there will be a someone on the bell housing of the columbia keeping a lookout and someone in the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain.
  • The mark twain is controlled by the engineer so not much for the CM to do but keep an eye out. The Columbia on the other hand was required to be stopped on a dime from full speed, just past the show area, this was because they would unload all the dancers with a ladder, change the costumes and put em on the next float. If you overshot the ladder and had to back up you would be backing up the show.
  • They installed  "super boosters" on the columbia for this reason, so that you could stop on a dime and also go forward faster. Too bad they didn't reinforce the bow line and cleat *rolls eyes*.
  • This was the absolute perfect shift for a slacker, you did two shows, 10 minutes worth of driving each show. THE REST OF THE TIME YOU WERE SITTING AROUND DOING NOTHING!!! Tha'ts right folks, bring cards, bring a book, bring potluck, talk with friends, try to hit on the dancers, get shot down and return to your boat, it was GREAT!!
  • One of the funniest moments was when I was driving the Columbia and they were carrying Wendy around the deck kidnapping her. The dancers were screaming: "Kill the Bitch, Kill the Bitch" of course our guests would never be able to hear that due to the music and general hullabaloo.
  • When they first started testing the fire on the river they fried so many ducks. They had to tone down the fire. The ducks learned pretty quick though :)

Laser Tag on the island in the dark, that was some good fun :)